1. a note on bbc sherlock


    guy ritchie’s first sherlock holmes adaptation was kinda silly but at least it wasn’t saying lesbians secretly like dick, gay men are punchlines, aneurotypical people are mysteries to be solved, women are emotionally irrational or that benedict cumberbatch is in any way attractive.

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    Much Ado About Nothing, 2012 (dir. Joss Whedon)

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  3. The Radical Independence Campaign has been one of the best things about the referendum, I hope they don’t just fizzle out after Thursday, whatever way the vote goes.

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    Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

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    power electronics “musicians” think they are tough, but what are they hiding behind their screeches and squeals? the fact that they cry when they hear magnetic fields songs just like everybody else

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  6. Norway also seems to be one of the few countries in Europe which doesn’t have a rising fascist movement? 


  7. Norway has an ‘anarchist political party’ (called Society Party) whose main tactic seems to be to nominate random celebrities as their election candidates against their will


  8. Legitimately though, there is a constant attempt to portray Scottish nationalism as inherently violent, aggressive, and petty, but because it’s against Britain (like Irish nationalism, anti-colonial struggles (not that I’m comparing the actually referendum campaign itself to those)) rather than any justifiable anti-nationalist reason. And at the same time, and I think this is much more worrying than the portrayal of Scottish nationalists, is the way in which British nationalism is conversely seen as being apolitical, or, ‘default’, I guess (maybe the best word is hegemonic, IDK), that voting No or wanting a divided Ireland or supporting the Commonwealth doesn’t make you a nationalist, or that you can do those things without being a British nationalist. Like those people in the Let’s Stay Together rally in Trafalgar Square were saying ‘reject nationalism’ while waving union flags 

    It’s why Cameron can spout loads about ‘British values’ and ‘being more muscular’ in spreading them in the Middle East and not be challenged, but Alex Salmond couldn’t talk about ‘Scottish values’ without being hammered (and justifiably)


  9. I was going to vote yes, but them someone splattered a sign with paint so forget it, we’ll just keep the Tories 

  10. "What’s ruining YOUR love life?"

    Turn to that article and it’s just a picture of some Yes campaigners

  11. Angel Olsen performing ‘If It’s Alive, It Will’ in front of a copy of The Room on DVD

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    Arthur Rimbaud, holy shit.


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    I want Angel Olsen to do a solo show in my bedroom and the entire audience will be just me.

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    Apparently there’s a Greggs in Blade Runner.